Monday, November 1, 2010


The characteristics of gifted children often lead to social and emotional problems that can affect their emotional and social development. In many ways, gifted children have the same social and emotional needs other children have, but their needs are often intensified by the characteristics that make them gifted. They can be exceptionally sensitive, especially to the way they are treated, but also to the way others are treated. Volunteering to help others and learning how to fight crime is a good way for them to see that even one person can make a difference. Because of this, Batman and Robin, at a very early stage in their development, decided that action was the better answer than inaction. During my stint as a pre-school instructor, I was able to teach them that in order for them to avoid any existential depression, they needed to not only examine the “big questions” of our time — what it means to be human, freedom, civil rights, individual rights, racism, addiction, family, disability, civil liberties -- but to also be able to show little remorse over killing or maiming evil genius criminals.

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