Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fear and Apprehension on the Part of a Wild Animal, Once Removed, Can Lead to a Total Disregard of any Being they Don't Respect.

Training toy poodles proved to be a far greater challenge than Tonto had signed up for. At first, I just assumed them to be cuddly little cutie pies, but quickly they displayed their truer instincts—those of the vicious beast. Since I had no fondness for bleeding and open wounds, I had to develop sufficient trust for them to approach me. These poodles were certainly viewing me as food (trust me, I could tell). I then took the tact of offering emotional enrichment, to gain their trust. It seemed to do the trick, at least for awhile, until they started to become upset, agitated, and anxious. The attack was not a pretty picture, but in retrospect the experience reinforced the feeling that I am alive and living, not just alive. There’s a big difference. Let’s just say I chalked this one up to experience-- no books or classrooms for this wild man.

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