Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Is the bush making a comeback?—and—Is shaving and trimming dead?

Sisters, as many of you know, I have been an advocate for nature; and the time when the big bush ruled and the Mohawk landing strip was a new concept.

At first, the more famous actresses in my favorite videos began to trim. The hair would be shortened, but not removed or shaped. Next came the triangle, where hair was removed from the sides (or waxed) so pubes could not be seen while wearing swimwear. Then came the landing strip (the preferred style in the industry), where the hair was removed from the sides to form a long centered vertical rectangle, hair length about a quarter of an inch.

Of course there have been various variations.
--Toothbrush Mustache: a shorter, square version of the landing strip.
--Brazilian Wax/G-Wax: pubic hair completely removed except for a very thin remnant, centered, narrow stripe above the vulva approximately an inch in height.
--Full-Brazilian/Hollywood/Bare/Bald Beaver: pubic hair completely removed.
--Fauxhawk: hair is styled in Mohawk fashion without shaving the hair.
--Mohawk: shaving the hair on the left and right, leaving the middle to be spiked.
--Dyed hair: coloring pubic hair to match hair on the head or to give it a unique look.
--The Butch/The Bull: trimming all the hair very short except for a small perpetual long patch resembling a popular hairstyle among lesbian women.

There are also the V-shaped, heart-shaped, arrow, initials, etc.

The modification of one’s bush can also be considered a statement about one's style or personal lifestyle as can leaving it unmodified. So girls please consider what nature has given you. Remember a time when porn had erotic elements and all this Gonzo crap was only the warped dream of some Hollywood schmuck producer.

Girls unite!

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