Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Gideon Chickenstalker

Gideon Chickenstalker is a 400-pound vampire from the hills of southern Ohio. He may be the most inept vampire in history. A Star Trek geek taken to having sex with cantaloupes, Gideon finds companionship with Esther Gradgrind, a meth-addicted ex-stripper, only to have his life forever altered when he is turned into a vampire. Being so out of shape, he finds himself unable to hunt down even one human. Along with her washed-up bodybuilder boyfriend, Amos Pecksniff, Esther helps Gideon with his ultimate goal of tasting real human blood, all the while ending up in a life of crime that would make Bonnie and Clyde deny their profession.

The Hillbilly Vampire Chronicles is filled with some of saddest people you will ever meet in fiction, yet their earnest attempts to navigate daily life teeter on the edge of bizarre hilarity. Fielding's novel brings to life the story of Appalachia’s drug abusers, perverts, and a cast of characters that would make Carl Hiasen proud. These forgotten populations of uneducated folk scull the parlous straits between comedy and calamity with only the devil to pay.

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