Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Esther Gradgrind AKA Ginger Lynn

At sixteen Esther started her life in show business at an upscale gentleman’s club in Columbus Ohio, on account of her looks and the fact that she looked fourteen years old. She wanted to take the name Savannah, but after much debate they decide on Daisy, because her mother Mimmie had loved the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard so much. Esther didn’t stick around for all the after-hours activities going on in the parking lot at first, because she and Mimmie had to drive back to Athens. After awhile she started to consider what having all that money would be like. She was working for a couple of hundred dollars a night, while the other girls were going home with thousands. It was Detective Harry Pinch who introduced Esther to the world of drugs. It began with cocaine. Eventually Esther’s looks started to fade because of her addiction. Esther had dropped out of school, her Leader of Tomorrow ambition having gone up her nose. She ended up in a strip club way out in the sticks, working the stage with a fat fifty-year-old woman, Big Lou, who had only one tit.

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