Monday, July 26, 2010

Taliban Hunters

Recently it was leaked, that our government has for years been running death squads in Afghanistan which search out their target and kill them with little or no attempt at capture. Upon hearing this, some of the local hillbillies in southern Ohio got jealous and started a hunt club to track down some of those Taliban here in our woods. When told that there were no Taliban in these parts, they put out a statement, saying that it was their belief that it is well known that Afghans and terrorists and what not, all like to train and hang out in areas located in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. So there has to be a whole bunch of them here’s about.

So if you see a group of camouflaged and neon orange adorned, gun toting, Rambo loving peckers, rooting’ through your property--don’t worry, they're just your neighbors out keeping America and Liberty safe.

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