Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Very Important Definitions

Hillbilly is a term referring to people who dwell in rural, mountainous areas of the United States, primarily Appalachia and the Ozarks. Contrary to what some people think, not all hillbillies live in trailer parks; otherwise they would all be isolated from modern culture. Not all hillbillies eat road kill; many are actually farmers and hunt for their food. They don’t pick it off the side of the road. Also, all hillbillies don’t go around sodomizing people, just the ones who have been at the jug (so to speak). Hillbillies don't give a shit what city folk think of them. Their appearance and what you think of them is not high on their priority list. The Modern Hillbilly is a true bohemian who is not constricted by what the mainstream considers acceptable. They live by their own rules—baby!

Vampires are supposedly dead humans who maintain a kind of life by biting the necks of living humans and sucking their blood; their victims also become vampires after death. It is a sad fact, unfortunately, that many members of the Goth subculture who think that listening to Norwegian death metal, dressing in long black clothing, and being a fan of vampire movies and/or blood will make them a full-fledged vampire. Not so. A vampire is someone who drinks the blood of others, and are part of a great confederacy (which unfortunately is on the verge of ruin, due to the popular mainstream phenomenon known as 'Twilight').

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