Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arrgh!!! That Hurts

In order to be the most authentic peg-legged pirate in last year’s Court Street Costume Contest, in Athens, Ohio, I enlisted the services of my good friend, Dr. Lewsome of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Center for Reconstructive Joint Surgery, who owed me a rather large favor. Not long ago I had given his puckish nephew Lionel an alibi, in what could have been a delicate matter. The good doctor returned the favor by removing my left leg at the knee joint (not above or below) in an experimental procedure that would greatly improve the technique surgeon’s use for knee replacement surgery. I showed up at the party with a real peg-leg and came home with the blue ribbon. After reattaching the limb, Dr. Lewsome received accolades and a patent that would put Lionel through Cambridge. Just wait to see what I’ve dreamt up for this year. Halloween is serious business in Athens.

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