Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Running Would Be a Good Idea!

All great men in history, it seems, have their nemesis. Tonto Fielding is no different. His is J. P. Zoomers-Vermeer, garden-variety author of the “Name of the Cabbage” Fantasy series (the saga of the magical hamster, Welbore, who dares to challenge destiny).

Zoomers-Vermeer claims that he has developed the world’s most elaborate and best trained Flea Circus in modern history. What some of you may not be aware of, is that I had a Flea Circus Exhibit at Expo 67 (World Fair) in Montreal. Z. V. is even threatening to enter the circus on the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent.

Well Tonto is not going to take this lying down. I am currently training the Weightlifting Champion Ant, Vasily, in the art of total destruction, and plan to unleash Vasily on the circus, in order to go Godzilla on their asses, during taping of the program.

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