Saturday, February 4, 2012

Commedia dell'arte

It is generally accepted these days that all men are created equal. Tonto would add that there are two exceptions to this premise: geniuses and idiots. A wise minister once told me that first God made idiots. This was for practice. He then created politicians.

The Fielding family tree found one of these giants swinging by a branch, like a psychotic Gibbon: Arlecchino Fielding. He was so unextraordinary, he quickly climbed the ranks of the Inquisition in Venice, focusing on heretical literature (ironic, when you realize that Tonto Fielding is related).

What made Arlecchino famous, though, was that commedia dell'arte developed a character based on him, intended as a kind of characteristic representative of his age.

This was because old Arlecchino never lacked for passion. A family trait, for sure, since with it comes insight and can lend intelligence to simpletons, fools and idiots.

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