Monday, May 16, 2011

No, I Want You To Die, Mr. Bond.

Tonto is currently on his private sovereign island, named the Bracken Duchy. I am working out an evil plan to come up with the next great evil Bond villain, to pitch to the Broccoli family. Madgibber the Twisted, Madbrood the Unspeakable, and Bentcraze the Warped, are all from a name generator. But I think they all sound too much like something from a stupid fantasy novel (to wizardly). I’m leaning more towards Germanic sounding names like, Albrecht Unsöld, Felix von Trojan, and Boo von Malmborg. Of course I might be tempted to go with the Dickensian theme. Ralph Eugene Meatyard and Robert T. Howling could work. Think evil Tonto, think evil…

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