Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh Yeah? Says Who?

Tonto Fielding will be teaching a course this winter at his new on-line University (The Tonto College of Empirical Premises and Political Prescriptions), called “Political Vitriol 101.” The object is to teach the students, through exposure to certain electronic and print media, that specific facts as well as general values can be manipulated in order to reinforce power, success, and dominance of the ideologue. Nothing can help orient the screaming animist better than learning the political symbols that will help him or her to evoke a response from the generally apathetic. Course work covers tactics such as the hijacking of potent words like “democracy,” and “federalism”. By steering political stories, in the media, into perspective, interpreting them according to the tenants of acrimony, students will learn how to assign meaning to the information and indicate the values by which they should be judged.

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